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November 18, 2010


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In letzter Zeit habe ich wirklich viel zu tun mit meinem wiederauferstandenen Kassettenlabel (hier geht’s zum Shop, aber das wisst ihr ja sicher schon…). Deshalb muss der Hinweis auf den Archivisten hier kurz bleiben,, aber lest doch selber dort ein bisschen rum. Und wenn ihr noch nicht genug habt, weil sein Blog steht ja offenbar erst am Anfang, dann geht noch hier bei vorbei, eine geile Sammlung auch alter Schweizer Sachen.

November 10, 2010

Return of the Calypso Now Cassette Label

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Must have been in september that I spontaneously decided to reactivate my cassette label of ’83. And to think that two or three years ago I was on the verge of giving it all away, my huge archives of ~1500 cassettes and 200 master tapes. It was through Discogs that I saw there’s still interest in my favorite media, it was through Discogs that I started to sell some of my old tapes, I also added about 750 tapes to the database to honor the artists that gave me their work for release (or license release). You can read part of that story in the interview Don Campau did with me.

Then came the story of the book Lurker is organizing at the moment. They already did the Hot Love bible some years back, about swiss punk in the 70’s, now it’s the 80’s that are being carved in stone. Of course Calypso Now is part of that story, and we had an interview with german new wave archivist and heavy thinker Frank Apunkt Schneider. In Basel, where we performed at the same evening in the Plattfon record store. That’s were I read for the first time in Schneider’s fantastic Als die Welt noch unterging. Von Punk zu NDW” about the rareness of 80’s cassettes, because it seems that people either threw them away, burnt them in their backyard or used them to cheaply record their neighbor’s Ramones LP’s. Shucks….

When in Basel, I brought also some of my reissues by Non Toxique Lost and others with me, and I was pleasantly surprised by the interest they created. They are all gone now, but you can also get them at my new shop in this internet here

Click here or the logo

So much for today, must work, break’s over…

PS: There are also some printed publications from the 80’s on sale there in the Calypso Now Shop, like old Bierfront…

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