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January 15, 2011

Late Night Links

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Listen to this here, a history of spanish avantgarde underground:

If you rather feel like watching, then here’s a fantastic movie I found:

First of all, it features the great Ida Lupino. I always liked here a lot, but I did not know that she also directed movies. Here she does. You find other movies of her on the same site, Retrovision. Just hit the Ida Lupino tag.

Voici un lien vers sa biographie sur Wikipedia (francais). Elle était tout simplement adorable!

January 12, 2011

Bovine Music Show Archives

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Looking for Steven Tetzloff on the net, I found this here:

They had a show where Steven’s music was played. Go here for that one!

If you know of the whereabouts of Steven Tetzloff, please get in touch – I want to rerelease his music very badly!

January 4, 2011

Sich in Hoehlen schlagen

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Seit ich mein Kassettenlabel Calypso Now im November 2009 wieder reaktiviert habe, ist einiges passiert. Das schaut ihr euch am besten in meinem Shop oder auf dem ‘gedruckten’ Flyer an.

Die Westschweizer Journalisten haben das Projekt schon mehrfach aufgegriffen, meist radiophonisch, hier nun auch gedruckt in der ‘Vitamine Orange’ Tribune Le Matin. Gefaellt mir gut, der Artikel.

Wuerde es gerne uebersetzen, aber dafuer gibt’s ja die Google Sprachtools. Das toent dann etwa so:

Calypso Jetzt hat das Label schlug sich mit Aufnahmen in Hoehlen, oft mit einer Revox-Recorder. Des productions limitees a 150 exemplaires, des cassettes vendues entre 5 et 9 francs: Hotcha s’est contente du minimum, comme en temoigne son logement fait de bric et de broc. Produktion limitiert auf 150 Exemplare von Kassetten zwischen 5 und 9 Franken Hotcha lediglich die Mindestanforderungen, wie sie ihre Gehaeuse Kleinigkeiten gemacht belegt verkauft.


January 3, 2011

Sister Ray live tape

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Sister Ray were a band from Ohio, who in the late eighties had some unexpected succes among european labels – well, to speak the very truth, they were just on one european label, Semaphore from Holland, but they released four records of those psychedelic punks. Psychedelic? Will they kill me when they read this? Their trademark were not the long stereo noodles psychedelic usually stands for, they were on the contrary very sharp and blasted out tune after tune without really having a break between them. I saw them live @Hirscheneck in Basel back then, and they simply ruled. You’ll get a good impression on the live tape I put on here. But they were psychedelic all right, I mean, they always played Pink Floyd’s Take Thy Stethoscope And Walk. And they had a farfisa organ. At least then. They dropped it later, I believe. Read all about here:

I’m a bit pissed, because I added this tape to discogs 6 months ago, and nobody seems to care. How I know? Because nobody did hit the ‘I want this’-button. Which is rather unusual for such a tape. It was self-released by the band, and there were only 100 copies made. I bought it at their gig, and I also bought a solo tape of their guitar wizard Mark Hanley. Will post it one day here, I think.

Sister Ray Official Live Cassette 1986

Just press play
[audio:sister ray live tape side 1.mp3,sister ray live tape side 2.mp3]

To download right-click

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