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October 20, 2012

Die or D.I.Y. ? -> Site of the Week

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Another site I’ve stumbled upon while searching for news about Evan Schoenfeld, one of my alltime faves. Most of his released work is on Calypso Now, well, was, more than 25 years ago! But I still have the masters, and I planned a compilation cassette, “The Golden Hour Of Evan Schoenfeld”. I even did a prototype at that time, and from time to time I find this tape in my chaos. Only to lose it again… Probably I did put it somewhere special, to finish this project at last – and then I do not remember where this “somewhere special” is. You know, thousands of records in my crummy little apartment!

OK, I’ll come back with this “Golden Hour Of Evan Schoenfeld” – when I revived my cassette label two years ago I managed to find Evan and could ask him if it would be okay to release this comp (on cassette, of course!) – and he agreed. So, if I can find this prototype again….

In the meantime, check out this site here, Die or D.I.Y, lots of downloads of great punk stuff.

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