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October 3, 2010

Calypso Now: Comeback of the cassette label!

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Well, you may call me foolish, old fashioned, die hard, brain dead or whatever, but I had to do it, the time is right, my tape deck is up and running, the Calypso Now label is back again!

It took me a year to unpack most of my boxes, where I found quite some rarities from the early 80′s on, those are now added to the Discogs database (well, 2/3 actually). But more important: I found several dozens of archive copies of Calypso Now releases from 83 to 88, plus leftovers from the later tapes, and most of the master tapes. So, what to do with them?

Here’s what: Archive tapes are and will be sold on the Discogs marketplace, where I also sell items from my collection – have to get rid of a lot, it’s taking up more space than I can afford. The offer is constantly changing, so make sure to check it out at least once a month, these tapes may never come your way again, who knows, a lot has been lost and thrown when people moved or married. I might be one of the few exceptions to this.

I’m also reissuing some tapes from the 80′s again, some that were important, some of my all time favorites, some that got overlooked when they came out, some that the world has been waiting for. And there will definitely be new releases as well. And they will be on cassette.

I came across this above mention of Calypso Now in the Out Of Depression magazine of 1988, it seems I released 1700 cassettes in 5 years. This is not a lot, because this was for 200 different releases, so you can imagine that some sold very very few, less than 10 copies. Cassettes were for the very refined taste then, as they are now, you’ll agree.

Just one thing: Do not wait 5 years to order, who knows how long I will be able to do this, it get’s harder and harder to find the raw material that I’m looking for. Plus, I’ll gonna be 60 next year (ouch!).

First reissues

The Soft Touch

International Compilation with Baby Jail from Zurich, Christoph Fringeli (Flowers Of Evil) from Basel and international left field stuff, really great! – 12

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